Tyler Crocket
Ruby, MI
Marine Performance Engine Builder and Racer
APBA World Champion 2003 and 2004
APB National Champion 2004
World Speed Record in B-class offshore at 103 MPH

I was walking through the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show and passed by the Brad Penn booth.  The dark green oil immediately caught my eye because I previously ran Kendall GT1 until I noticed the change.  Immediately I knew I found THE GREEN OIL I had used and had tremendous luck with in the past. 

As soon as I got back to Michigan, I purchased Penn Grade 1 SAE 20W-50 and began using it in all my marine performance engines.  Immediately I noticed the difference.  Our piston rings seemed to seal faster on the engine dyno and our oil temperature was also down.  The oil stays clean and slippery even if it gets diluted with a little fuel.  I know everything in my engine is staying lubricated when I run Penn Grade 1.

I have now been using Penn Grade 1 Racing Oils for 3 years…I would have been using it longer if I would have found it sooner!  All the engines that come out of our Machine Shop have Penn Grade 1 inside them.  We also send out extra cases of Penn Grade 1 with every engine to make sure our customers have the best protection for their new engine.


Tyler Crocket Tyler Crocket Tyler Crocket