Lynn and Joe Nelson
San Diego, CA
1972 Chevy Vega A/Gas

Our family has been racing for 40+ years and currently follow the NHRA circuit.  We started using the racing oils made in Bradford, PA back in 1965.  When the oil brand was sold, to my dissatisfaction, we were forced to use another racing oil.  Fortunately, my engine builder, Lanier’s Speed Shop in Colorado Springs, CO told me about Penn Grade 1 Racing Oils now being made at the former Kendall Refinery.  We had once again found THE GREEN OIL and could not be happier!

When using another brand of racing oil we found the oil was totally contaminated with Methanol and needed changed after just one pass.  Once we switched to the Penn Grade 1 SAE 20W-50 Racing Oil, it totally resolved the problem!  Penn Grade 1 Racing Oils have the longevity that is not found in other racing oils.  Now, the only reason we change our oil is because we feel guilty not doing it.  Ever since we changed to Penn Grade 1, we have dropped 3 tenths (.300) in E.T. and there was 0 contamination from Methanol.  Since our motor was assembled we have had no reciprocating parts failure or bearing wear.  We check it constantly and it still looks like it was assembled yesterday.

We proudly recommend Penn Grade 1 Racing Oils to other race car drivers and are so thrilled to have found the original GREEN OIL!


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