Korry Hogan
Denver, CO
2 Time National Champion Funnybike Motrocycle Drag Race Team
2006 Top Fuel Motorcycle Drag Race Team
1st ever 250+ mph run on a drag bike

When I first heard the former Kendall Refinery was still up and running “THE GREEN OIL”, I immediately switched to Penn Grade 1®.  I had used the old Kendall a few times in the past and once the blend changed, I used other brands and was always disappointed with the results.  With the other various brands of oil, we would have to drain all the oil every 4 passes because the alcohol would breakdown the oil in my alcohol motor.  When I began using the Penn Grade 1® Racing Oil 20W-50, I could go a few races without changing the oil.  The alcohol did not have any effect on the oil.  I was amazed and from that point on our team was sold forever! 

The amount of alcohol blown-by into the engine was destroying the other motor oils.  We were running 6.4 second quarter miles with a turbocharged motorcycle making 50 psi of boost.  My motor was absolutely tested to the upper limits of its mechanical ability and the Penn Grade 1® racing oil never failed.  Penn Grade 1® has never broken down for us under any circumstances. 

I tell anyone and everyone at the track how well Penn Grade 1® works for us and I would not recommend another oil for a racing engine…period.


Korry Hogan