Howard Michael
HM Motorsports
Newport, MI

Milan Dragway Top Sportsman Champion
Detroit Dragway Race of Champions
Indy runner-up in National Championships
IHRA 28th National Finalist in the World
Pro 5.0 top ten finisher in the past two years

Two years ago, I started running Penn Grade 1® “THE GREEN OIL®” in my alcohol engine because the oil I used previously would break down and turn milky. After switching to Penn Grade 1® Racing Oils, the milky oil stopped and my bearings looked so great that it was no longer necessary to change the bearings mid season. Instead of getting 100 passes on a set of bearings with significant wear, with “THE GREEN OIL®”, the bearings saw over 200 passes and still looked new. This not only saved me time and money by protecting my motors which increased engine life, it also reduced many of my maintenance costs.

The difference between Penn Grade 1® and my old oil was that with
Penn Grade 1®, the motors would perform at peak performance throughout the whole racing season with minimal wear in our highly stressed engine parts.

Penn Grade 1® “THE GREEN OIL®” is a great quality oil at a reasonable price that out performs the overpriced oils that are in our industry.

We were so impressed with how well Penn Grade 1® performed for us that we have begun selling the product. For us it is an easy sell due to the fact that it is a product that we know works; and we are confident selling to our customers. The only disadvantage to selling Penn Grade 1® is that now our competition knows our secret weapon!