Mike Bartoszewski - Cato, NY

Date: 4/12/2006

Mike Bartozewski
Cato, NY
Super Modified 2WD Pulling Truck

I have been racing for 15 years, in that time I have used many different Racing Oils in my truck.  The difference I noticed with Brad Penn Penn Grade 1 Nitro 70 Racing oil was that it did not break down in my Alcohol Motor like the other oils did in the past.  It is far superior when alcohol is introduced to hold its viscosity which has been a common problem for me.

In my 15 years of alcohol racing, I have never seen an oil that can better withstand alcohol dilution.  That along with the superior lubricating properties of Penn Grade 1Racing Oils makes it my #1 choice for all the Racing Engines I race with and build!


Mike Bartoszewski


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