Mike McKinney

Date: 6/25/2013

I experienced premature valve train wear which forced an engine rebuild after 20 nights of racing.  My engine builder pointed out the reasoning behind this was the oil I was using.  After that my engine builder urged me to switch to Penn Grade 1® High Performance Oil and we have had no related problems since.

After switching our solid cam engine that can see up to 8000 rpm, our valve train showed little to no wear.  I am loving the extra protection provided for flat tappet cam engines.  It is priced very competitively especially for the quality and level of protection it provides.  Another notable change was our engine now runs 10 degrees cooler. 

We were able to complete a 45 night race schedule and capture the UMP Stock Car Nation Championship using Penn Grade 1® High Performance Oils.  I am now hooked and tell all of my fellow racers about our success with their products.

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