John Hixon - Plainfield, IL

Date: 9/4/2012

I started using Penn Grade 1®  SAE 20W50 in  2006 after I had a bad run with a couple of motors. I was investigating additional ways to keep the engine together longer and came across Penn Grade 1®  that was distributed by my local speed shop, Winner’s Circle in Joliet, Illinois.

My Engine Builder, Tuff Guy Racing Engines in Orland Hills, Illinois had been using Penn Grade 1® for about 8 years and uses it exclusively.  He told me there was no other oil on the market that clings to bearing surfaces as well as Penn Grade 1®.

Recently, after two seasons and hundreds of runs, we tore the motor down for a freshen up.  The motor looked practically new.  With this engine, I had gone through numerous heat cycles and ran the car very hard.  Still, the cam and main bearings looked brand new with very little wear.  Penn Grade 1® simply lives up to its reputation with no unnecessary hype. It doesn’t require an excessive premium or price to use. You pour it in, and you will get outstanding results.

I recommend Penn Grade 1® to friends and fellow racers. It’s simple outstanding insurance. Besides, it’s best to win when your competitor has the fewest excuses as possible!

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