Andy Jankowiak - Buffalo, NY

Date: 1/17/2012

I started using Penn Grade 1® SAE 10W-40 back in 2008 at the recommendation of my engine builder.   I really have never used anything else in my racing engine. I see competitors of mine who use other brands of oil losing camshafts, so I am convinced I have made the right choice. 
I really like that it is an affordable product that is made in the USA. I have had a chance to talk with company representatives over the past years at various trade shows and found them to be very knowledgeable and accessible to me. However, the main reason I use Penn Grade 1® is because I believe it offers the best protection for my engine.
I have and will continue to recommend Penn Grade 1® High Performance Oils to other racers due to the wear protection I get from the product on top of the value price point. There simply isn’t anything else close to Penn Grade 1® High Performance Oils on the market!

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