Larry Larivee - Titusville, FL

Date: 11/7/2011

I have used numerous oils in both my muscle car restorations as well as my racecars including oils formulated with ZDDP. Once I found out at the PRI show in Orlando, FL that Brad Penn® was coming out of the former Kendall Refinery whose products I had used years prior I was sold again! I loved the fact that I could get the same quality product I was used to receiving back in the 70’s and 80’s only now with enhanced protection additives and modern enhancements. I was so impressed that my wife and I decided to become a dealer for the Penn Grade 1® Product line. Since I have started using Penn Grade 1® SAE 20W-50 in my engines I have seen specific drops in temperature on my racecar as well as a more balanced pressure reading in the lower ranges under high temperature that I did not get with other racing/high performance oils. Brad Penn® is the only oil I will recommend and use from here on.

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