Bob Britton - Hancock, NH

Date: 10/10/2011

I first started using Penn Grade 1® High Performance Oils after attending a seminar given by one of their Sales Managers. He talked about how Penn Grade 1® contained high levels of ZDDP and its benefits to engines with solid lifters. I was intrigued so I purchased a case for my Austin Healey 3000 and began using. Immediately I noticed an increase in my engine oil pressure of 5-8 lbs across all rpm ranges. When running at high engine temperatures my oil pressure now stays above normal range compared to the previous brand of oil I had used for years. Even in the 100 degree weather I don't think my oil pressure ever drops below 55 and that is 5 lbs more than my engines normal pressure range! I was so impressed with the results that I recommend Penn Grade 1® High Performance Oils to our club members. Go with “THE GREEN OIL”®!

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