Gregory Pusz - Warren, MI

Date: 4/21/2010

Gregory Pusz
American Mobile Cycle Services
Warren, MI

I started using Penn Grade 1® V2 SAE 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil in my 2008 Air Cooled Harley Davidson and I immediately noticed a difference. The engine RPM is smoother especially with cold starts, my oil pressure is perfect and when I accelerate the bike it is much more responsive with less valve train noise. I also noticed that my engine runs much cooler, especially when idling in traffic since I feel less heat on my legs. 

I did my research before switching to Penn Grade 1® V2 Motorcycle Oil. In the past, I have tried different petroleum and synthetic oils for my air cooled motorcycle and was never totally satisfied. My engine either ran warm or had a lot of valve train noise. Along with my personal experience, I talked to a number of professional engine builders who recommended and personally use the Penn Grade 1® V2 Motorcycle Oils. I found the price to be more reasonable compared to other oils I have used. I also saw that a lot of well known drivers were also using the Penn Grade 1® products which gave me peace of mind.

I recommend this oil to all motorcycle enthusiasts. If they are serious about using a great product in their expensive bikes, they need to use quality engine oil that performs. The benefits of using this oil are huge! In my opinion this is by far the best motorcycle oil and I highly recommend Penn Grade 1® V2 Motorcycle Oils to anyone who is looking for a quality product that performs much better than any other I have used.


Gregory Pusz  Gregory Pusz


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