Pollard Nitrosports - Ontario, Canada

Date: 11/11/2009

Pollard Nitrosports
Ontario, Canada
4 Cylinder In-Line Hybrid Top Fuel Motorcycle
Canada’s Fastest Top Fuel Motorcycle Racing Team
Current Canadian Motorcycle ET & MPH Record Holder

About 15 years ago, our engine builder recommended that we use the products out of the Bradford Refinery. He told us that the products produced out of the refinery are known to be the best oil available to protect high performance motorcycle engines.

Over the years, we have had a number of other oils offered to our team, but we trust Penn Grade 1® High Performance Oils. We know that Penn Grade 1® is a critical component to our success, so we stick with what works.

We highly recommend Penn Grade 1® High Performance Oils to our fellow motorcycle racers. I always tell them that in the years that we have used Penn Grade 1® High Performance Oils, we have not had any oil related engine failures. You need that dependability to be a winner.


CDRP Pollard  Toronto Show


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