Bill Moore - Jenks, OK

Date: 10/29/2008

Bill Moore
North Star Energy
Jenks, OK

I have been racing my 1968 Nova with a 588bbc for four years and have placed in the winners circle several times. I first found out about Penn Grade 1® racing oil 3 years ago when my friend in our local parts store recommended  “THE GREEN OIL”® to me.  Immediately I started to notice a difference when my quarter mile times began to pick up. After using Penn Grade 1®   I had my best package time of (.009) thousandths and won my race!

In one situation, I believe Penn Grade 1® saved my engine from severe damage due to oil starvation from the oil pickup breaking away from the oil pump. I had just gone through the quarter mile trap when I heard my engine squeak in my 1968 Nova. Thanks to Penn Grade 1® I only spun the first two rod bearings, saving me on costly repairs.

I would and currently do highly recommend Penn Grade 1® Racing Oils because I believe it saved my engine from severe damage. It is simply a great product.


Bill Moore


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