Chuck Spanel - Lincoln, NE

Date: 2/1/2008

Chuck Spanel
Spanel Engines, Inc.
Lincoln, NE

We tested Penn Grade 1® “THE GREEN OIL”® in our dirt engines for a year before we really started recommending the oil to our customers for their engines. After the first year of testing, we knew it was the only oil for us and we have been using it in the engines we build ever since.

We quickly found out why Penn Grade 1® “THE GREEN OIL”® was a great product. When we started using it, we immediately saw improvements in the flat tappet camshaft break-in and in the bearing life of our engines. We also saw major improvements in the wear of our specifically built alcohol engines. This was due to the fact that alcohol was not diluting or breaking down Penn Grade 1® like other oils had in the past.

With Penn Grade 1® Racing Oils, we have had extremely better looking bearings and our solid lifter cam motors showed a significant decrease in wear. It gave us a better initial break -in of the cam and lifters, something that is very important in today’s high valve spring pressure, solid lifter camshaft engines.

Penn Grade 1® Racing Oils are blended the way a racing oil should be. The Penn Grade Crude base along with the additive package makes Penn Grade 1® Racing Oils simply do what they should do best. . . protect my engines


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