LaVerne Schumann - Blue Grass, IA

Date: 7/30/2007

LaVerne Schumann
Blue Grass, Iowa
Schumann Sales and Service

As a performance warehouse distributor and manufacturer of high performance engine parts since 1970, I am always searching for compatible products to enhance and supplement the stringent specifications of our manufactured internal performance engine parts.

Penn Grade 1® Racing Oils are the perfect choice for enhanced lubrication for our precision performance solid lifter program for General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler applications. Each lifter is manufactured to the industry’s closest tolerance and 100% inspection for seven parameters on every lifter is maintained before shipping. There are over 101 ways to ruin a camshaft lifter combination and we recommend Penn Grade 1® Racing Oils because of its unique formulation and outstanding protection to all our engine building customers nationwide.  These outstanding products serve as an extra insurance policy for proper and adequate lubrication.

My company started using Penn Grade 1® Racing Oil in 2004 for our flat tappet cam race engines, which usually require calcium, zinc, sulfur, and phosphorus anti build/weld formulation. The racing oil product line made by Brad Penn® works better than any I have seen before. This is the reason why we now sell these products!



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