Scott Russell - Kalamazoo, MI

Date: 7/23/2007

Scott Russell
Russell Racing
Kalamazoo, MI

Curt Spalding NASCAR 2005 Weekly Series by Dodge feature winner - Kalamazoo Speedway
UMP Modified fast time award - Eldora Speedway UMP Nationals
Kalamazoo Klash - Top 5 2005, Top 10 2006. M40 Jones 100 Fastimer Award 2006
New Paris 2006 Summer Sizzler 100 - Fourth Place

We switched our oil brand from the brand we were using for five years to using Penn Grade 1® “THE GREEN OIL®.  We changed immediately when my builder, Olney Race Engines, was tearing down an engine and noticed that the bearing surfaces were in excellent conditions after a race, almost like brand new. We were previously using full synthetic oils since 1999 and we believe that Brad Penn exceeds any performance value of those products.

In 2006, at our home track (Kalamazoo Speedway) Russell Racing ran the 20W-50 racing oil in four different race engines.  After seeing our results several teams converted.

We have had great success using 20W-50 Brad Penn oil in all of the following cars; NASCAR Weekly Series Superlate, Street Stock, Asphalt Modified, UMP Modified, and UMP Dirtlate.

Upon switching to Penn Grade 1® Racing Oil “THE GREEN OIL®, we were so satisfied with the performance of the line that we are now selling the products. We feel that the product, pricing  performance are all great marketing tools and Brad Penn® is the BEST engine lubricating oil, we have ran in our ten years of racing.

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