John Alwine - Jones, MI

Date: 1/24/2007

John Alwine
Jones, Michigan
Top Fuel Drag Racing Motorcycle
Engine Builder

I had used the old green oil in my muscle cars years back.  When my motorcycle crankshaft manufacturer told me the green oil was back under the Brad Penn® brand, I began using Penn Grade 1® Racing Oil, as he recommended.  I noticed immediately once we first began using the Penn Grade 1® Nitro 70 that the oil did not dilute and become thin from the amount of nitro that entered into the oil as other brands I have used in the past did.

One of the first experiences we had with Penn Grade 1® was in Indianapolis at the AMA / Prostar race.  We had put a new tune-up in our Top Fuel Kawasaki with excellent results.  In the semi final round, we made our best run with our new motorcycle, a 6.177 at 219 miles per hour.  However, we had severe detonation in the engine burning the spark plug electrodes clear off.  Typically, this leads to rod bearing damage, but to our amazement when we tore down the engine after the race the bearings looked like new thanks to the Penn Grade 1® Nitro 70 that was in our engine.  The elimination of bearing wear along with how well the Penn Grade 1® holds up with fuel dilution makes Brad Penn® Penn Grade 1® Racing Oils the only oil I use for all the engines that come out of my shop!


John Alwine


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