Charles Morris - Farmville, Virginia

Date: 8/8/2006

Charles Morris
Performance Counts Racing Engines
Farmville, Virginia

Performance Counts has been building competition engines since incorporation in 1986.  A wide variety of oval track, drag racing, and pulling engines are built for competition, and shipped throughout the country.

In 2003 and 2004 our Chevrolet engines won back-to-back NASCAR Weekly Racing Series (WRS) regional championships.  In 2005 one of our Dodge engines was third in the nation and first in the region when compared to all other Dodge WRS engines nationwide.  Our engines also proudly own several drag strip speed and ET records, and our Hemi restoration engines have powered record-setting cars at Barrett’s Auto Auction and won the Mopar Nationals.

About two years ago changes in the API rating of our previous oil, combined with high-ramp-speed camshaft technology sometimes resulted in unexpected lifter, camshaft, and pushrod tip wear.

After extensive dyno testing of several oils, validated by on-track performance, we determined Brad Penn® Penn Grade 1® Racing Oil Partial Synthetic SAE 20W50 eliminated the above lubrication issues.  Also, tech help is easily accessible directly from the manufacturer, a very important consideration to a professional engine builder.

All Performance Counts engines are now broken-in on the dyno with Brad Penn® Penn Grade 1® Break-In Oil, and are delivered to the customer filled with Brad Penn® Penn Grade 1® Racing Oil Partial Synthetic SAE 20W50.  Our customers are instructed to continue using Brad Penn® at every oil change.

The Brad Penn® Penn Grade 1® Racing Oils holds up under the most extreme racing conditions in our dirt and asphalt oval track engines, turbocharged and naturally aspirated drag race engines, and pulling-truck engines.  We also use Brad Penn® in the 426 Hemi and 440 Mopar muscle car engines that we restore for discriminating collectors.  We have experienced no lubrication problems since switching to Brad Penn®, and I wholeheartedly recommend it!


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