Mike Etter - Brantford, Ontario Canada

Date: 8/8/2006

Mike Etter
Etter Motorsports
Alcohol Funny Car
Brantford, Ontario Canada

I have been racing for 34 years and now build racing engines in Ontario, Canada.  With the previous brand of racing oil that I was using I started noticing a decrease in the bearing life and the oil was more prone to fuel dilution.  I heard about the EPA changes that had taken place and determined that was the cause of the problems I was having with my old brand of oil.  Another racer told me about Penn Grade 1® Racing Oils and sold me a couple of cases of the Nitro 70.  Since I began using Penn Grade 1® Racing Oil I have noticed less bearing wear, steadier oil pressure throughout temperature changes and the oil did not seem to dilute like others I have used in the past.  I now find that there is no need for friction modifiers or viscosity index enhancers when using Penn Grade 1® Racing Oils.  I now tell everyone about Penn Grade 1® and the success I have had using it.  I started using in 2005 and now I am hooked!


Mike Etter


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