Brad Penn adds SAE 40 High Performance Oil

Date: 2/5/2008

American Refining Group, Inc. (ARG) manufacturer of quality Brad Penn® Lubricants announced the addition of SAE 40 High Performance Oil to its quality line of Brad Penn® Penn Grade 1® “The Green Oil®” High Performance Oils. 

Brad Penn® Penn Grade 1® SAE 40 High Performance Oil is formulated with a unique cut from Penn-Grade stocks.  This heavy viscosity straight-weight High Performance Oil is designed to provide excellent protection for street and competition engines.  Its superior film strength, highly effective detergency package and foam inhibitors make it an optimal lubrication choice for muscle car/hot rod enthusiasts.  The increased ZDDP provides outstanding anti-wear and anti-scuffing protection for engines with older style push rods as well as those employing flat tappet cams.  The SAE 40 High Performance Oil is an excellent option for vintage car lubricant and air-cooled applications where a mono-grade viscosity lubricant is preferred.

““The Green Oil®” is the talk of the industry.  A majority of the cam manufacturers now recommend our Penn Grade 1® High Performance Oils to protect both their flat tappet and roller cams.  We have been receiving a significant number of requests from racers to add an SAE 40 High Performance Oil to the line, especially from muscle car and hot rod enthusiasts”, stated Dick Glady, Director of Sales and Marketing for Brad Penn® Lubricants. 

Brad Penn® Penn Grade 1® High Performance Oils are formulated in six viscosity grades, partial synthetic SAE 0W-30, partial synthetic SAE 10W-30, partial synthetic SAE 20W-50, SAE 40, SAE 50 and NITRO 70.  In addition, Brad Penn® recently introduced an outstanding SAE 30 Break-In Oil and a specially formulated SAE 75W-90 Supercharger/Blower High Performance Lubricant.

The Bradford, PA refinery, blending and packaging operations are ISO 9001:2000 certified and was the first refinery in the U.S.A. to become ISO 9002 certified.  The refinery stretches over 2 ½ miles and contains a fully automated state-of-the-art packaging facility.  The refinery is the oldest, continuously operated lube oil refinery in the world and the only refinery processing 100% Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil. It is truly the last MADE IN THE U.S.A. major lubricant refinery.

In 1997, American Refining Group, Inc. purchased the Kendall® / Amalie® refinery located in Bradford, PA, from Witco Corporation.  As a result of the sale of the Kendall® and Amalie® brands to a third party, a new name was given to the products produced at the site-Brad Penn® Premium Pennsylvania Grade Lubricants.


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