Addition of Penn Grade 1® SAE 30 Break-In High Performance Oil

Date: 8/9/2006

American Refining Group, Inc. (ARG) (the former Kendall Refinery), manufacturer of quality Brad Penn® Lubricants, announced the addition of  Penn Grade 1® SAE 30 Break-In Oil to its high performance “The Green OilTM” line.

Penn Grade 1® SAE 30 Break In Oil “The Green OilTM” is available in 12/1 quart cases.  Green in color, this unique mono grade break-in High Performance engine oil is formulated with a blend of high quality Penn GradeTM base oils and additives for use when breaking in newly assembled engines to lubricate and assure proper sealing of components.

Charles Morris of Performance Counts Racing Engines began using Penn Grade 1® High Performance Oils a few years ago and now says, “All of Performance Counts racing engines are now broken-in on the dyno with Brad Penn break-in oil, and are delivered to the customer filled with Brad Penn® Partial Synthetic High Performance Oil “The Green OilTM”.  We do not recommend any other oil in our engines”.

“Our High Performance Oils are becoming the talk of the racing industry.  What separates us from the competition is a unique blend of our Penn Grade base oils and a selected balance of anti-wear additive.  Racers and engine builders alike have recognized the unique green color and enjoyed the superior performance when using our Penn Grade 1 High Performance Oil.  In response to requests from many racing engine builders and from the success of our current High Performance Oil line, we felt the timing was right to add an elite High Performance break-in oil to round out our product offerings in this specialized market segment.” stated Jennifer Taylor, Marketing Specialist for Brad Penn® Lubricants.

Brad Penn® Penn Grade 1® High Performance Oils are formulated in five viscosity grades, partial synthetic SAE 10W-30, partial synthetic SAE 20W-50, SAE 50, NITRO 70 and the new SAE 30 Break-In Oil.  For more information about Penn Grade 1® High Performance Oils you can visit our website at

The Bradford, PA refinery is celebrating its 125th anniversary.  It is the only refinery in the U.S. processing 100% Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil.  It is truly the last Made In the U.S.A. brand.  It’s blending and packaging operations are ISO 9001:2000 certified and was the first refinery in the U.S.A. to become ISO 9002 certified.  The refinery stretches over 2 ½ miles and contains a fully automated state-of-the-art packaging facility.

In 1997, American Refining Group, Inc. purchased the Kendall® / Amalie® refinery located in Bradford, PA, from Witco Corporation.  As a result of the sale of the Kendall® and Amalie® brands to a third party, a new name was given to the products produced at the site-Brad Penn® Premium Pennsylvania Grade Lubricants.

American Refining Group, Inc. is a privately held, ISO 9001:2000 certified refinery.  American Refining Group, Inc. is a manufacturer and blender of quality Brad Penn® and Gulf® branded lubricants, packager of private label lubricants and a premier refiner of petroleum specialty products.

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